AU: A cold night in the streets of LA, a dinner, two different worlds, one dream.

The night was strangely cold for February, the air had something difficult to describe that made you look around to reassure yourself you were not being followed. This part of LA was dangerous and that was something I learnt soon after I got here to pursue my biggest dream. I noticed a figure shivering sitting on the sidewalk, it was the silhouette of a woman. The rational part of me said I should better keep walking while the impulsive part took control and I walked over her.

- Honey, ¿are you okay? – I asked kneeling next to her. She looked up at me with scared eyes, mascara running down her cheeks.

- I guess, just had a though public tonight – she answered me, English accent thick through her words.

- Come on, I’ll buy you dinner – I blurted before I could think of what I was doing, but at that time I was wild and trying to succeed in a world ruled by men where women are an amusement and I want to make my life a work of art, and art is impulsive and reasonless. She declined my offer but I insisted. We sat in a little bar near there where we talked about ourselves, our lives, our dreams and our failures. I learnt she wanted to be a singer as well as me and that she had had some luck in the UK and had recorded a demo, however she wanted to try and see if she could make it in LA, if she could have the always pursued American dream.

I must admit liked her, even after just some minutes of talking, our desire to transmit our emotions and thoughts trough our music brought us together and we instantly connected in a way I had never felt about any other friend, she understood me and I understood her. She knew what I went through and what we will have to live in order to make our wildest dreams real. We believed we had a story to tell and we believed in ourselves. The more we learnt and understood of each other the more determined I was because I saw myself in her, a fighter and a survivor, and I could bet my current fame and fortune that she felt the same way about me. We wrote chapters of the story of our lives together. The road to success was long and hard but we were willing to risk it all for what we wanted to make of ourselves. We were young and naïve but we were wild and free as birds and more importantly, we had each other.


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